My Causes

Supporting -

Free, Effective Health Care - The NHS is one of the crowning achievements of our country, working on the principle of giving treatment to those who need it rather than those who can afford it. Anything which takes the NHS away from what Bevan originally envisaged and on the road to privatisation should be opposed whole heartedly if it is to stay one of our proudest institutions. Any stories to do with the health care system, be they in praise of the system, or opposing the new reforms will go here, as will other public health related stories.

Progressive Ideals - I'm a centre-left Labour member, so any stories in praise of progressive initiatives or, alternatively, opposing regressive policy will be put here. Key topics will include calling for an end to senseless drug prohibition which fuels criminal gangs, supporting the campaign for fairer votes, and opposing the appalling damage being done to the hopes of young people after the tuition fees were trebled without any mandate.

Environmentalism - Climate change is the biggest threat to mankind right now, as you read this people's lives are being ruined or even ended by man-made climate change. The scientific community is overwhelmingly united on this topic, yet still there are sceptics. This is for any stories on green initiatives and for promoting evidence of mans effect on the environment and exposing the lies and deception of sceptics.

International Relations - The world is an increasingly small place, and everyone will have to learn to live with one another. The best way for us to prosper is from within the heart of the international community, not outside on the periphery, which is why I wholeheartedly support further integration into the EU. But this area will be for all foreign affairs topics, not just within Europe, but the wider world.

Against - 

Racism and Ignorance - If ever I were to give an example of how two different things can fuel one another, then racism and ignorance would be high on my list of examples. Racism so often just stems from an ignorance and misunderstanding of other races and cultures. This is for any stories exposing racists and ignorance as well as opposing racist organisations such as the BNP.

Religious Dogma - People are free to follow whichever religion they choose, or to follow none at all like myself. What I object to is when that religious faith interferes with the lives of others, and tells them that they cannot lead a full life without 'seeing the light'. This section will feature mostly stories about Judeo-Christianity, as it is the religion I and most other Brits are most familiar with, and in particular the horrific crimes committed by the current Pope in concealing child rape.

Unregulated Markets - I see the benefits of markets in many situations, we need competition in our retail sector as in others. But that is not to say that free markets are the answer to all problems, or that when they are suitable they should be left unregulated. If nothing else has been learnt from the financial crisis, it is that markets cannot be left to themselves. This section will have examples of markets that are broken, and where too little is being done to fix them.

Media Bias and Lies - We are lucky in the UK to have a free press, and should never forget that. But too often the press try to dictate the national mood by ever increasingly biased reporting. This will include any examples of media bias, including stories on Rupert Murdoch's attempts to swing British Media to the right. It will also defend the impartiality of the BBC, amid bizarre claims from the right that it is biased to the left, without a shred of evidence of course. Those on the left think its too right-leaning, those on the right think it's too far left, it just can't win.