Interesting Sites

NewsBiscuit - Satirical news stories on loads of different topics. Really funny look at current events from a comedic point of view.

Don't Panic - Lots of interesting things from the worlds of film, art and music. A lot of it serious from independent producers but with plenty of funny stuff in there too, particularly the EDL Fashion video and one about the 'Big Society'. Plenty to be found if you nosy around.

StumbleUpon - Not so much a single site, as a way to find lots of brilliant interesting stuff all tailored to exactly what you want. You just pick areas that interest you, and it will generate random interesting pages from all over the web. The more you use it and tell it which pages you like, the better it gets at picking them out for you. Warning: Everyone I know who's used this has become hooked, be warned.

Information is Beautiful - I've seen a couple of these animations and diagrams used elsewhere, but it's only now I've found where they were from. It's really worth a look, simple ideas make all the information he's got so much more accessible, even if you weren't originally interested in the topic.

More to be added soon.