Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Lining up to stop Lansley

Remember how I said last time that I liked being backed up on how bad this NHS reform is? Well, happy days for me because since then another two unions have come out against the proposals. Considering they were supposed to be about giving clinical staff more powers, doesn't it seem odd that they're lining up to criticise them?

Now it's not only the Royal College of GP's who've said it would amount to 'the break up of the NHS', but the British Medical Association and the Royal College of Nursing standing against the speed and scale of the change. A change that isn't needed and will waste billions of pounds at a time when resources are already stretched!

The BMA said this: 'The insistence on a market-based approach risks fragmentation, inefficiency and increased transaction costs.’ whilst the RCN plumped for this, 'we are concerned that flexible local implementation of the reforms could result in the development of unacceptable regional variations in access to services or quality of care.'

Oh, and of course, put that on top of the fact that UNISON are taking the reforms to court because they haven't been consulted on them and you have not a single voice in support.

Now, to any normal person, being told you're wrong by the collective wisdom of GP's, Nurses, Doctor's and other healthcare workers would seem pretty damning and you'd radically change your ideas to keep them happy. After all, they're the ones on the front line of the service that you need to keep on side for it to work.

Oh no, not when you're Andrew Lansley and the world's biggest jackass. His response? 'Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, who will address the Conservative Party conference on Tuesday, has rejected the criticisms, arguing reform of the NHS is a necessity.'

Oh well, if you say so, after all you know best right, better than all those people who've worked there day in and day out for most of their lives. Idiot. He harps on about how the people who know how best to sort out the health system are the ones who work in it, but then completely ignores them when they all stand shoulder to shoulder to tell him his idea is pants.

I wish he'd stop with his crazy crusade to break up the NHS, people like it the way it is, leave it alone man!

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