Friday, 24 December 2010

Santa is the reason for the season.

I haven't posted for a while, all the excitement of the holidays has kept me away I'm afraid, but I thought I'd do one last one on Christmas Eve to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I'm essentially a 5 year old child when it comes to Christmas, it's by far and away the best time of year, almost as if it's everyone's birthday all at once.

And here's a Santa tracker for everyone wondering where he's up to:

The title is an allusion to the idea spouted by some that you have to be religious to enjoy Christmas because they imagine that it's a Christian festival. I'm not going to have my Christmas spirit dragged down by a serious post but needless to say the Christian faiths links to a holiday on the 25th December are very tenuous indeed. It'd be much more appropriate to say that you can't celebrate Christmas unless you believe in the power of the unconquered sun. Christians just came along later and nicked the date for their own.

If you want to be technical, then actually its axial tilt that's the reason for te season, not that nice chap called Jesus.

Christmas is for everyone, whatever faith or lack thereof, so stop trying to make claims to it. And with that, I bid everyone Happy Holidays, in recognition of the truth of Pastafarianism.


Anonymous said...

An interesting point of view. It's true: Christmas is the only time in the year we enjoy with our loved ones no matter what. It's time for family and friends

Merry Christmas

Chris said...

Indeed, I love Christmas, and wouldn't want anyone to miss out. Whatever it may have started out as, it's a secular holiday for everyone now, and all the better for it.

Merry Christmas x

Mark said...

Is this not a slight case of the preachee becoming the preacher mate? Have you been ranted at by some crazed church-goer or something? Or are we silent believers simply fair game these days?

See you this evening anyway pal.
Merry Christmas. Love to all.

God Bless (Tee hee).

Chris said...

No preaching Mark, promise. This is simply for the people who seem to think Christmas is just for the religious, not the silent believers as you like to be known :)

In fact, I like all the traditions, I'm a man of many contradictions.

See you later for much merriment :)