Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The smearing of UKUncut

It's taken a little time for all the details of events at Fortnum & Mason to be clear, and in that time it seems UKUncut has been getting a very bad press indeed. For an organisation that enjoyed a range of support from the Guardian to the Daily Mail, this is a very new experience.

People from all shades of the political spectrum have been, including the left who claim they ruined the message of such a well organised and executed march. Several MPs who supported their cause in the past have withdrawn that support, and those that insist on continuing to support them like John McDonnell are labelled radicals.

I'm not going to write another long post about why I think they're such a breath of fresh air in protest, or why their message needs to be heard. Instead, I thought I'd leave a selection of the most important links to help people understand what went on. Hopefully, they will provide the proof that far from changing tack and becoming more radical, UKUncut are just as peaceful as they ever were, and that they were badly let down by both police, and by other more violent protesters.

- Video proof that shows police first promising that UKUncut would be free to go before then breaking said promise and arresting them individually once outside, as well as police officers inside the building appreciating the peaceful nature of the protest. Video found here.

- Personal story from one of the protesters detailing conditions which the protesters were kept in, and the bemusement of the police who 'regretted having to charge the protesters on orders from Scotland Yard.' Story here.

- A few photos from the occupation at Fortnum & Mason's showing the 'damage' and peaceful nature of the protesters. Photo album here. (Hat-tip to @MissEllieMae)

- A slideshow on the frontpage of UKUncut's home page showing the range of people attending their entirely peaceful protests, from very young children to the elderly. Page here.

- Finally, a video from inside Fortnum & Mason's during the occupation. Bagpipes? Yes. Vandalism? No. Video and article here.

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