Thursday, 17 March 2011

Tuition Fees plan in meltdown.

We're now beginning to see the fruits of the ill thought out and ideological increase of tuition fees, as universities line up one by one to ignore the governments plea and charge the full £9000. 

Charging the full amount was supposed to be the exception, but it's fast becoming the rule as we discover that the Office for Fair Access which was set up to monitor the new levels is completely impotent to stop universities charging what they wish so long as they make a courtesy gesture towards the very worst off students.

All of this comes on top of the news that some graduates will end up paying back twice the amount that they borrowed for tuition fees, with many never being able to pay them back fully.

No university wants to be seen as the 'cheap and tacky' option, and so charging £9000 s a way for them to appear to be good quality. And with their funding being slashed, who can blame them?

Here's the article from the Independent.

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