Monday, 12 July 2010

Miss Me?

I might not get around to posting all that often this month as I'm away in various places quite a lot and like to use holidays as a strictly computer-free zone.

The past few days its been the visit to the Irish lot for a wedding, as you might imagine much Guinness was consumed (including some at the brewery itself) and the wedding reception got very messy indeed. Anyway, I'm not going to use this blog as a diary but I thought I'd use up one post stating my undying love for all things Irish.

First off, you have the accent. I challenge anyone to find a better accent in the world than that of Southern Ireland, it just sounds so god damn cheerful. You could have the most morbid conversation in that accent and sound like you were talking about winning the World Cup (keeping it topical, well done Spain, much deserved).

And the accent suits the people. I'm not one for sweeping generalisations but every single Irish person I've met (and that's quite a lot) has been really friendly and happy. Things always look better when you visit a place than when you live there ut from what I've seen I'd love to live there one day. I'd be well placed too, from what I can tell about half the island are in some way related to me, I gave up trying to remember the various second aunts and cousins after a while.

The final favourite thing? Irish dancing. It's amazing, as is the music it goes with.

Next up I'm off to Paris, the French have got a hard act to follow.

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