Saturday, 31 July 2010

Special Occasion: 100th Post!

I'm not sure if the Queen keeps up with the times but surely this is deserving of a telegram?

I just thought I'd mark this landmark with its own designated post, although far from being a massive milestone it was only actually four months ago that I started writing this blog. I'd like to think my writing has got better in that time, and I've certainly got a lot more people reading this than I did in the early days, it's nice to think I'm not just a crazed lunatic writing things that only I will read.

Its weird to think that when I started writing this blog I didn't tell anyone about it because I really didn't like the idea of people I know reading it but now I know plenty of friends who read it and don't mind at all. I suppose you get used to writing posts that aren't actually aimed at anyone in particular but are instead aimed at everyone.

I've now got a much clearer idea about what this blog is about, over the summer most of the posts have been political but I promise that will balance out when I get back to Manchester and into the swing of Medicine again. On that note, here's what's different in the world from the first post to this one:

Medicine: I've since passed my first year of medical school and am looking forward to moving into my house next year. All the exams went really well and I definitely feel like I deserve my place now, and that a PBL course was definitely the right course for me. I can't stand lectures. I also found out that next year I'll be on the Peer mentor scheme which means that Me, Rachel, James and Lauren will have our own bunch of fresher's to take to curry night, PJ pub crawl and other associated drinking events. Can't wait.

Politics: We have of course got a new government to the one we had back in April, and from my point of view certainly not for the better. Since then I've become a member of the Labour party and my hardening views may well have put some people off this blog, I can only apologise.

Sport: Surely, the most striking change of all. Blackpool, my home club that I followed into the depths of League 2 not so long ago have reached the hallowed ground of the Premiership. Even four months ago this seemed an impossibility and really still ins't believable now. That day at Wembley was one of, if not the, best day of my life and shall remain for a long time to come. Although at the time the nerves nearly killed me and at 3-2 at half-time I didn't know whether to be happy or run away screaming.

Let's see how things change in the next 100 posts, thanks to everyone that bothers reading my waffle.

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