Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Blackpool: The home team

So I promised some stuff on sports and by that I mean mostly football, maybe a bit of cricket around the Ashes or Tennis at Wimbledon but mostly it'll be the king of sports.

I support my home team, Blackpool FC, currently in the championship and hopefully there or higher for many years to come. Before I moved away I had a season ticket for 5 years and despite wanting to kill myself at times I don't regret following my lowly local team instead of a premiership giant. I think Football loses its fun when you support a team at the top. Sure I enjoy watching the big clubs fight it out but to support them means the only acceptable outcome is to win everything, and when you do win the victory isn't as sweet because you were expecting it.

Take Man U for example (You might see a theme of anti-united feelings due to my hatred of 'glory supporters'), if they win the league, that's great, but they would have been disapponted not to so if anything half of the 'happiness' is just relief. If you support a smaller club, like Blackpool for example, no-one is expecting promotion, so if that freak miracle happened there'd be no relief, just pure ecstacy. You have to put up with occasional poor performances to pay for it but I think it's well worth it.

With Blackpool currently flying high in the championship after years of relegation battles I should thank two men in particular, Ian Holloway, the manager who performed miracles and the man above, Charlie Adam, the greatest Blackpool player of my generation so far?

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