Wednesday, 31 March 2010

My Life as a Student

Like I said in my 'About Me' I'm currently a student at Manchester Med School in my first year. It's brilliant, not least because its a PBL course which means less than half the lecture time. I seriously don't know how people survive lecture-based courses, it bores me half to death listening to half the people who give them, The fact that everything's pretty hands-on makes it so much more interesting and its the only way I can really learn something well.
I couldn't have picked a better city to live in, Manchester is the ideal place for me. I always used to come here before university as it was, Blackpool might be nice but it can't quite live up to the size and style of Manchester. The area I live in, Fallowfield, is pure student central, its rare to see anyone over the age of 23 around, unless they're a mature student of course. Everything's cheap and that's perfect considering all my money is coming courtesy of the government at the moment and I'd like it to pay for as much as possible :)

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