Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Match of the Season?

Well, that lived up to the hype. Arsenal and Barcelona, two of the most exciting teams around and that match showed it.
First half was all about Barcelona, and so was the start of the second half, I was worried that it might get embarrassing for Arsenal. Then came Walcott, what an impact, that can't have hurt his England hopes with Capello watching. When Barcelona are at their best they can't be touched but they somehow let Arsenal back into the tie. The penalty was generous to say the least but it was nice for Fabregas to get something against his old club, especially seeing as he's now out of the next leg, you've got to feel for the guy. I do think it was a bit silly keeping him on after the penalty though, he was clearly in a lot of pain.
I still think its Barcelona's tie to lose, especially at the Nou Camp with no Cesc, but Arsenal have given themselves a shout.

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Chris said...

Now it turns out Fabregas may have taken the penalty and carried on afterwards despite having a broken leg!
I think people who keep yapping on about footballers all being pretty boys should think again if it turns out to be true!