Friday, 18 February 2011

Lansley promotes sham treatments.

As if destroying the NHS wasn't quite enough to be getting along with, Andrew Lansley has decided to put his neck on the line by defying the EU to help protect the market for Chinese Herbal Remedies. He's getting around the new ruling by the EU by reclassifying 'Herbalists' as authorised healthcare professionals.

I'd suggest that while he's at it he also suggests a name change, from Herbalist to 'Crackpot sellers of magic leaves'. Yes, some traditional medicines do have health benefits, and the ones that do are now 'Medicine'. Anything that falls into 'Alternative Medicine' is there for a reason. It doesn't work.

I suppose that when you're buggering up the NHS it can't do too much more harm to encourage the sale of medicine that doesn't work.

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