Friday, 18 February 2011

The next ruler to fall?

After the fall of Ben Ali in Tunisia, and of Mubarrak in Egypt, could it be the turn of Bahrain to jump on the bandwagon of revolution that is gaining pace? Live rounds have apparently been fired at anti-government protesters in the streets, a sure sign that the regime is fearful.

Just like in Egypt, new media has given the world a glimpse of what is happening. Some of the stories coming out of the country are quite disturbing and frightening. One person from Bahrain was Tweeting from a protest at a roundabout, where her updates included, "I see them [riot police] on the bridge, hundreds of them", "They're shooting at us", "They're attacking from everywhere", and "There are women and children inside the roundabout when the attack started, people were sleeping when the attack started."

Here's hoping that the protesters get the reform they long for without any more tragic deaths.

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