Saturday, 12 February 2011

We won't forget.

I thought this post from UKUncut about why they're now also going to target banks as well as tax avoiders was really good, so thought I'd share it here.

It starts with the quote, "The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting" and goes on to talk about as time has gone by the banks have hoped we would forget that it was they who caused the crisis which meant we are now in such a financial mess. With my favourite part of the post being this:

"They are praying that we don't remember what caused the economic collapse. They want us to believe that the public sector is to blame - that our welfare state became bloated. They hope that we buy the lie that we've lost our jobs because our nurses cured too many sick people, our libraries had too many books, we cared too much for older people, and invested too much in the young."

It's true, and by targetting the banks hopefully we can make sure they pay back their fair share of the burden, rather than the pathetic bank levy or the new arrangement under Merlin which means they can essentially do as they please with all it's various get out clauses.

It's not banker bashing, it's about asking them to pay for the mess they have caused, and I don't think they've even started yet. Every time a sure start closes, or a young student can't afford to go to university because of fees, or a young child can't get access to books because their library is closed, or a patient can't get treated because their illness isn't 'cost-effective' in the newly privatised NHS, we'll remember the bonuses that the men who caused the pain paid themselves.

They privatised their profits whilst nationalising their losses. And now we're all paying the price.

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