Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Universities head for maximum fees.

And so it has begun, first Cambridge and Oxford have set about the necessary motions for them to be able to charge the full £9000 maximum fees to their students. Whilst this might not be a surprise, they are the two most prestigious universities in the country, what is more worrying is just how many others are planning the exact same thing, in complete contradiction to the promise that £9000 fees would only be charged in 'exceptional' circumstances.

£21,000 will be relatively low for final debt when the new fees come in.

Rather than being the exception to the rule, it seems that at least a third of universities are ready to charge the full amount, which is understandable following their budget being cut by 80%. Which all means that students will pay three times as much, for no better education than they have had previously. Seems like a pretty raw deal to me.

Of course, those in support of the fees will claim it's all fine, after all we're not paying up front. As if students were all mindless peons who couldn't quite grasp this basic fact. People are aware this is not paid up front, but somehow the spectre of more than £30,000 worth of debt is more than enough to make them question if university is really worth it, and we will lose many brilliant minds simply because they cannot afford to learn.

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