Thursday, 1 April 2010


There isn't much going on in the world at the moment so I thought I'd update you on what I think is the greatest TV show around, Scrubs.
I've watched every episode at least a couple of times and it still doesn't get any less funny, if my life turned out to be a replica of JD's, I'd consider it a great success. The new Med School series isn't quite as good but it's still worth watching, if for no other reason than to see the cameo's of the old cast.

To give a brief overview, Scrubs is based around a doctor, JD, in an American hospital who starts out as an intern and moves his way up over time. He's got a best friend, Turk, who he's pretty much married to and a host of other characters including an on/off girlfriend called Elliot, a cold mentor called Perry Cox and a janitor who's pretty much there to make life hell. Most of the humour is based around hospital goings-on and the fact that JD can be pretty girly and prone to daydreaming. I may not have sold it all that well but give it a watch, you won't regret it!

There were two reasons I thought about writing about this, the first being that I discovered a site which morphs faces together and theres a few around now of people I know mixed with scrubs characters, including Me and JD:

And then there's the fact that I've realised I still somehow have several bruises from when I was dropped whilst doing the 'Eagle' on the Scrubs Pub Crawl into a lamppost. For those who don't know, an 'Eagle' is basically a glorified piggy back whilst holding your arm out and screaming "Eeeaaggllleeee!!", It's pretty fun especially done whilst running straight through a drunken crowd :)