Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Causes.

So, after a couple of efforts and the screwing up of much metaphorical internet paper I've finally got a new blog, happy days. Keener eyed readers will have witnessed some hideous redesigns for which I can only apologise. So, on with the show.

Down the right hand side you'll hopefully have noticed some lovely new buttons, which link to posts on specific subjects, all are causes I'm interested in. Here's the rundown:

Like I mentioned, I'm a fan of Left Foot Forward, a great political blog for progressive's. They work on a system of labelling posts according to what they're fighting for and against. I've taken parts of what they've done and put it in mine, so that I now have 5 'for' causes, and 4 'against'.


Free, Effective Medical Care - I've left this one intentionally a little vague so that I can include both stories about health care in general, and stories about my course which I'd want to share. Basically, anything to do with healthcare or medicine goes here.

Progressive Ideals - If you've read any of my stuff before you likely know I'm a Labour-supporting lefty. This is where anything to do with my progressive ideals will go, mostly to do with politics.

Scientific Advancement - I like arguments to be based on fact, and the only way to get solid fact is through science. This is for stories about the advance of science and stories about the use of it in arguments.

Environmentalism - There is little doubt amongst serious scientists that out climate is changing at a dangerous pace and that human activity is a major factor. This is for stories both defending that view and of the efforts to reverse the damage.

Multilateral Foreign Action - The world is getting to be a smaller and smaller place. Individual countries can't hope to prosper unless they work within the international community. This is for stories about closer integration with the world, including the EU and international efforts to help fight poverty and terrorism.

And fighting against:

Racism and Intolerance - If there's one thing I hate more than any other, it's intolerance of other people. Racism and Intolerance are just the manifestations of ignorance, and as such are a completely unnecessary evil in the world. It's not political correctness, it's being a decent human being.

Market Fundamentalism - I dislike the notion that pervades some that market's are the answer to all our struggles to better ourselves. There is a place in our world for markets, and they are essential in some areas, but without regulation and tight control they turn ugly fast. This is about unregulated markets and keeping them out of our health care and education.

Religious Dogma - Religion is the opposite of science. It doesn't start with evidence and look for answers, it starts with answers and looks for evidence. I have nothing against personal faith but I stand strongly against that faith seeping into our society and damaging it, especially the indoctrination of children through faith schools. Religion is divisive, we shouldn't force our children to accept it.

Injustice and Inequality - We live in a rich world, but so much of that is concentrated to just a tiny percentage that massive numbers of people struggle to find food and water each day. Many more live under tyrannic regimes which stifle their freedom. This is for their story.

The links on the right may not have many posts for a while, simply because I haven't written enough posts on each topic yet, but they'll fill up with time. As well as all these I'll continue to throw in the odd story about football, interesting events in my life and other tidbits that don't fit in here. I hope you enjoy.

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