Sunday, 22 August 2010

Welcome to the Premier League.

Well, Blackpool have had an interesting two weeks in the Premier League, 10 goals isn't a bad start, and the fact that 4 of them were ours is good indeed. With three points we're already ahead of what I thought we'd be doing, but then expectations were always going to be low.

There's a lot to be optimistic about after the opening games. Holloway seems to have stuck to his promise of playing open, attractive football and not resorting to the ugly, defensive Sam Allardyce style of play. I know some people will claim it gets results, but I don't see the point in picking up the odd draw whilst playing thoroughly ugly football, it's supposed to be entertainment.

After all the rigmarole of pre-season where we seemed to be signing no-one, we now have several new players in, all of whom looked like they fitted nicely into the side and Grandin and Cathcart especially look to be great players.

The win at Wigan 4-0 was amazing, and all the more so because it was completely unexpected. We may have hoped to give them a good game and even maybe snatch a win, but not to demolish them. Harewood was brilliant and the whole team managed to play the nice, flowing football that served them so well last season, all be it against higher quality opponents.

Then it was back down to earth with a thorough drubbing at the Emirates. We went expecting nothing, and got exactly that. But the great thing was that I don't remember another away game (bar the play-off's maybe) where we sang as much as we did there, mainly when we were 5 and 6-0 down. It was great to see the fans stick behind the players because we knew they were just completely outclassed, and that's no embarrassment  against Arsenal, the best footballing team in the country.

After we conceded the 5th, the fans started a 20 minute rendition of 'Don't want to go home', whilst the Arsenal 'fans' were deadly silent, you'd have thought the scoreline was completely the other way around. 3,000 Blackpool fans (at a push), thoroughly out sang the 57,000 Arsenal fans in attendance, and it made for a great day. Probably the best 6-0 loss in history.

We'll move on from it pretty quickly I hope, and target the games we can win whilst not being too disheartened by the big losses that are bound to come our way.

'10-0 to the Blackpool fans!'

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