Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Geo-caching: Treasure hunting with technology.

This is completely different to my recent posts but I thought I'd introduce you all to something that  I discovered recently, Geo-caching. Like I said in the title, its basically treasure hunting, but without the eye patches and trunks of gold, unfortunately.

It's actually quite a big thing, there's something like 1.5 million 'caches' on the website, but they're quite highly concentrated in England so there should be several near you wherever you happen to live. Obviously, the US and other countries will have their own versions, its by no means solely an English thing.

So, how it works. You go on the website,, and find caches hidden near to wherever you are, each will have GPS co-ordinates,  a description of the cache and a clue to find it as they have to be well out of site to stop people who have no idea what they are (muggles as they're called on the site) taking them away. Then you go and find it, simples. Its a lot easier with a GPS, (you can use an iPhone or Blackberry if you get the download) but you don't absolutely need them, you can just use the map and clue.

That's the how, now the why. You don't go for what's in the box, all they usually have in is a log book and some small tidbits that you can swap. I wouldn't really go alone either as it loses most of the fun because really the whole idea is it's something to do when you're out walking and having a laugh with friends. Plus, it's good knowing that you know something is hidden there which nobody else has any idea about.

Maybe I'm not selling it as well as it could be, but it really is a lot more fun when you actually get out and do it than it is to write about. I thought it sounded like a pretty lame idea but its actually really fun, and it gets you out on days where you'd otherwise be bored. I've only gone a couple of times so I'm hardly a pro but I thought I'd let you all know about it.

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