Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Return to Civilisation.

Yep, I'm back, well I was back yesterday but in no fit state to type in any kind of organised fashion. I'm sure those who didn't go to Leeds wish everyone would shut up about it and all those who did don't need to hear it again, but stuff you all, here's a summary.

It was awesome.

Silent disco, heaven on earth.

And now a slightly longer summary.

Despite the fact I thought the line-up was pretty horrific it was really good, purely for the campsite shenanigans, as Leeds always is. It has to be said, many stories involve just one person, and I'm sure he'll appreciate the honourable mention, Greg Roscow you fool. No-one else would consider urinating (keeping it clean lest I get any young readers) on yourself and being branded on both arse cheeks a successful week, but it kept things entertaining.

We also managed to get 27 campers from a different camp site to do a spontaneous Oky Koky and completed the invisible Olympics at the silent disco (complete with medal ceremonies this year) which involved swimming, shot put, rugby, hurdles, penalty shoot-out and finished with invisible chess. We even had a small crowd for our ground breaking games.

Me on the 'knobhead chair'
And the rest of the weekend had a distinct Lord of the Rings theme to it, although our plans to storm Isengard (the fire point tower) were unsuccessful. We were successful in burning the 'Green Dragon' song forever into the minds of our camping neighbours though, I imagine it will haunt their sleep forever more.

And as a final mention, when Greg wasn't around, his brother steeped in to fill the void. After spending a good hour throwing sausages shouting 'Sausages for all!!' (When throwing anything 'for all' had to be added) a steward came over and had a hissy fit that went a little like this:

"Shut the fuck up, shut it all of you! All this stops now, next person to throw something, gets chucked out, no warnings no nothing, out! Got it?!" and walked off happy that his sexual frustrations were released by shouting at people like a dick. Immediately after this pretty stern warning, Clint (who hadn't heard it because he was in his tent) comes running out throwing a bucket of water over everyone screaming 'Water for all!' at the top of his voice. Pure comedy gold. (If you were wondering, he didn't get thrown out, but the guy looked like he was about to punch him full in the face.)

So yeah, that was Leeds, brilliant as ever. Normal blogging service shall be resumed soon, as soon as I can find something remotely interesting to talk about.

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