Friday, 13 August 2010

Changing Times..

 In my ever-lasting quest to stave off boredom I've decided that the way this blog is at the moment has fallen into the category of boring me. Which means it's time for a change, though not exactly massive amounts. I'll still write about the same kid of things, although maybe they'll be a bit more refined. The idea for my new style will come from two places, the blogs of 'Left Foot Forward' and of Johann Hari. Incidentally, if you want to read about the same kind of things I write about but in an infinitely more refined writing style then those two are good places to start. If you despise my opinions and don't even know why you're reading this right now then I suggest the Daily Mail.

So what are the changes? Here's my initial ideas:

  • New categories. The four at the moment are fine but they can sometimes be a bit too broad and I have to compromise with where I put posts. Taking the idea from the two blogs mentioned I'll instead seperate them into areas that are narrower and core ideals of mine. So some of these might be 'Public healthcare, free at the point of use', 'Against pure, unregulated market forces', 'Freedom of individuality', 'Against religious dogma' and some more I've yet to decide on.
  • As I suggested above, more of a ideal centred posting rather than the reactionary blogging to current events, although obviously that will still form some of my posts.
  • A clearer two-sided argument, even if my purpose is to try and debunk the opposite view.

Also, I might change the layout to make it new and shiny, I like new and shiny.

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