Thursday, 27 January 2011

A Brand New Blog For You.

This blog will still be running exactly as before, before I have a mass exodus of readers, but I'll also be posting on a new group blog which will have four regular writers as well as posts by others on a less frequent basis. Right now it's in its infancy, but expect posts on all manner of subjects, and from all manner of viewpoints.

You can find it here at:

Instead of one viewpoint, you can see how the same events matter differently to people with other views and beliefs, something which is hard to achieve with one writer. Hence the name, we cover all bases.

You can find out more about who else will be writing and more about what the blog is about by visiting it now. Or alternatively, for those new media lovers, be one of the first to follow on Twitter to get updates on all new posts. Find us at @basescovered

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