Sunday, 2 January 2011

Leaders can be popular. Who knew?

In the times of austerity, it's difficult to think of many leaders of major nations that enjoy widespread support amongst the majority of their electorate. Much less of any that would be described as the 'most popular in the history' of their nation. 

One of the most popular presidents of all time, leaving with approval ratings as high as 90%.

You need look no further than Lula, as he is known popularly, the outgoing president of Brazil. I really had no knowledge whatsoever of any Brazilian goings on until the BBC reported their new (first ever female) president being inaugurated, and looking back at Lula's time in office. It really is quite inspirational to read about his story and how many lives he has managed to improve and lift out of poverty. Policies like Bolsa Familia, which gave families financial support in exchange for their children attending school and being vaccinated, had massive impacts on Brazil and are being mimicked elsewhere. Schemes like that, along with massive economic growth, helped lift over 30% of people out of poverty.

Anyway, here's a few links for anyone remotely interested:

Brazil may still have its problems, but it's certainly a better place than it was a decade ago.

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