Sunday, 2 January 2011

Mental health care takes a blow.

First we were told we'd have no more structural reorganisations, before being presented with the biggest reorganisation in the NHS's 62 year history. Then we were told that the NHS would be protected, that it would receive an increase in cash, before it turned out it would have a real terms cut. He even signed a petition to reopen a local cardiac centre in opposition, before changing his mind when he was the one with the power to do so. 

The biggest threat to the NHS in its history?

Now, the country's most incompetent minister (possibly bar Nick Clegg) is at it again, scrapping the pledge to put mental and physical illness on a more even keel, and in doing so letting down millions around the country with mental health issues. We currently spend less than 2% of the total health research budget on mental illnesses, a figure that was set to rise to 11% of the total under a 2009 Labour strategy.

But despite promising to treat mental and physical illness equally, Lansley has decided to scrap the initiative, with no sign of any new strategy forthcoming. The health secretary, it would seem, is comfortable with the idea that only 2% of research funding will go to mental health care. Yet another balls up from him and his rogue department.

There's a great piece on it in the Independent, here.

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