Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year, New Stuff.

Happy New Year people, here's hoping 2011's been nice to you all so far. Just a quickie post to say that in line with my ever evolving desire to not get bored of writing posts I've decided yet again to change a few things. Not big things like last time, but still worthy of a post.

Instead of just having ever diminishing numbers of long rambling posts a couple of times a week which will only get rarer as exams come up on the 20th January, I've decided that sometimes if I see something interesting elsewhere on the web, I'll simply do an introduction and link you to the original. Most of the time when I read an article or whatever else it may be, the original writer has put it better than I ever could in any case so you won't be missing out. And of course I'll still do some longer posts whenever possible.

I may have a fiddle with the categories on the right hand side as well, some are getting used too much and others not much at all, so a change is in order.

Happy 2011 all.

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