Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The madness of Gove's league tables.

There has been much debate about Gove's introduction of a retrospective English Baccalaureate component in the school league tables. An introduction which will damage many schools standing which they have worked hard over the years to build up. He preaches autonomy but then insists on telling schools which subjects are important. 

Time for another U-turn Gove?
But rather than have me explain why it's such a bad idea, I thought I'd leave it to this caller on Radio 5's call in, who debated, and I think fair to say, stunned Michael Gove. It's rare to see such articulate arguments on radio phone ins. By the end, Gove was resorting to twisting the callers words and intentions, ignoring the replies he was given and been put evermore onto the back foot. Kudos to the caller, whomever you may be.

Gove has such a warped view of education that he couldn't comprehend what the caller was saying when he was explaining that he believed people should study subjects that they had a passion for, rather than what was prescribed for them.

I can't embed, so you'll have to follow the link if you want to listen to this debating masterpiece.

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