Saturday, 10 April 2010

Day in the Toon

Well, the trip to St. James' Park didn't go quite as we hoped, but it was still a good day out. Believe me, if we'd lost 4-1 to most other teams, I'd be pretty pissed off right now, but we went into the match hoping rather than expecting and everyone was just glad to have had the opportunity to go to such a great stadium.
The Blackpool fans made a hell of a lot of noise considering how far away from the pitch we were and for the first half we looked a good side. Their first was just a stroke of bad luck and after that we controlled possession for long periods. Then we conceded a soft free-kick which flew in and after that you really didn't see any way back into it. Gutierrez, who looked so poor in the Prem, literally tore us to shreds and I'd say the one difference between the teams was that they were much more clinical.
Still, when we scored our single consolation the stand literally erupted, everyone had just been waiting for an excuse to go crazy and so followed a great 10 minutes of chants including "We're going to win 5-4" which made the day pretty much worthwhile. It felt like we'd just scored the winner. A win against Forest will get us back into the play-off hunt and who knows, we might end up playing them again next season :)

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