Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Real Alternative?: Monster Raving Loony Party

Amongst all the boring news from today I came across this gem. Its the manifesto for the Monster Raving Loony Party and its got some brilliant ideas. Its basically just some people who got together, probably pissed, and decided to make a political party. Here's a selection of some of the finer manifesto ideas they have for the 2010 election:
Cool on the outside
To combat global warming and climate change all buildings should be fitted with air conditioning units on the outside.
Due to the increasing number of children afraid of needles, I propose the destruction of the tedious, scary and often painful process of school vaccinations.
Instead, I propose that highly trained nurses should be given free reign on the playground with specially modified tranquillizer rifles which apply vaccinations as well as a tranquillizer.
Political Colours
All politicians should paint them self's permantly head to toe in the colour of the party they represent - e.g. all Labour candidates in Red , all Conservatives in Blue ,etc,
Obesity in Kids
If you want your kids to be less fat...feed them less
Jumping the Que
We propose dedicated pogo stick lanes on routes to centres of work.
Working Time Regulations
Dr. Who shall be made to work doctors hours, we shall not be biased towards Time Lords.
We would introduce 99p coins, to save on annoying change.

Now wouldn't we live in a better country if these things became law?

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