Friday, 30 April 2010

OSCE Trouble

The debates are over so you'll be glad to know I won't be boring you with them any more. Back to mindless posts about stuff in my head. Well today was the first practice session we've had to go over all the skills we were supposed to have learnt over the semester, I say supposed to because a lot of them didn't feel all that familiar. I imagine its going to be a lot more stressful than the exams in January, how nice those multiple choice questions seem now.

I'm okay at most of the stuff but doing it in front of an examiner who's checking every minute detail is gonna be a whole different experience. I've also noticed that they seem to think we're doing a combined medicine/drama course in some of the stations. I have to dramatically act out finding a patient lying on the floor whilst looking around for dangerous items on the floor and then follow it up with talking to a plastic hand about the procedure I'll be doing to take his blood. I'm really hoping I get the station where all I have to do is wash my hands right :)

And why oh why do we have to know so many god damn pulses, I'm fine at finding the main ones but I don't see why you'd ever need a pulse in the back of someone's knee? Its just so much harder than it needs to be, gimme the wrist and the neck all day long please.

It's the anatomy exams I'll really have to do some work for though, the human body has far too many bones, vessels and muscles for my liking! Wasn't life simpler when all you had was arms, legs, a chest and a head.

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