Monday, 26 April 2010

I'm Gonna Be A Dad

No, not in the I've just ruined my whole future medical career kind of way, in the I'm doing the mentor medics scheme next year where I get 12 kids. Sorry to disappoint.
Should be really good, I was sceptical when I first came to university about how good this would be, but basically being a mum or dad is just an excuse to have extra nights out with 12 new people whilst wearing a lot of face paint and ridiculous outfits. Plus, I'll get to relive the medics freshers week nights which should be brilliant. Another chance to get ridiculously drunk and make up witty chants, is there any better way to spend a night?
The other two people in my house next year have their own group as well which should mean massive get together's with all 24 kids, I smell massive house party! Also, James, if you're reading this, you're a moron for not sorting it out with Lauren. I thought everyone should know.
Short post today, got to get back to the clotting cascade, oh the joys.

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Chris said...

So, as it turned out, I am doing it with James and Lauren due to some reason im not sure of when the people on high decided the groups, good times indeed!