Monday, 19 April 2010

Return of The PBL

Uni life has officially returned, along with truckloads of work no doubt, but first the three weeks before revision time that I can enjoy with little stress. I wish med school was like it is on the new Scrubs, they seem to spend the majority of their time messing around the hospital and generally having a work-free time. In reality there's about 5 different things I have to check and make sure I don't miss or risk the wrath of Ioan Davies, the silver fox. And then tomorrow we have E4Med. For those who don't know I'll give you an outline of what E4Med is.

Several years ago the university staff came together to find the most effective way to waste students time whilst teaching them absolutely nothing and ruining their single day off. Its all about statistics in medical research and entails sitting in a room for about an hour and a half, staring at a screen full of words you're supposed to understand but no-one actually does. Revise a few definitions an hour before the exam and you should be fine, the other million hours of your life it feels like you've spent doing it have been for nothing.

I also realised today that we only have three weeks left as a PBL group before we change over next year. It feels like we've barely just got our new groups and already we're near the end. I'd slag them off but I know some of them read this :) I'm hoping I get another good group next year but so far I've had 2/2 really good groups so chances are it could be a let down.

For now, time to return to the fascinating world of haematology, oh the joy.

P.s. The picture's from our paint anatomy session we had, out of 12 people I don't think anyone was left without some bizarrely large, small or discoloured organ from where we'd painted wrong.

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