Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Pendulum & The Return to Fallowfield

A lot of people have probably already heard but Pendulum have got another album coming out at the start of May, going to be called 'Immersion'. I'm pretty excited about this, I hope its as good as In Silico. You can find the first single from it on Youtube:
Some people like it, others don't, I think it sounds pretty good, hopefully there will be lots of other great tracks on it. It makes them playing at Leeds that much better, not that it wasn't going to be amazing before this.

In other news, I'm now back in Fallowfield and its completely dead around here, I saw like one other person walking around earlier and that was it, its got the feel of a horror movie set. When I was out before I saw someone going around on rollerblades. This isn't as great as the time I saw someone ride down the street on a unicycle, but it did make me really want to get a pair of rollerblades. Maybe when the loan comes in :)

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Lily said...

Maybe that one person you saw was my bestest friend who is currently in Fallowfield. Or maybe the zombies ate everyone including my friend :( ...