Friday, 25 June 2010

Boom - First year done!!

Yep, results were out today and I'm officially 1/5 of a doctor (not that I feel like that!) after I passed all my exams. Excellent times indeed. I got satisfactory's across the board other than a distinction in my SSC (the 15 page essay we have to write on a subject of our choice) which I was very happy about. I apparently nailed my anatomy as well (80% and 100% on the two stations) which is even more surprising because I was sure I'd got quite a few wrong!

I really can't believe it's been a whole year already, its gone crazy fast. I remember when I first came and saw the second year medics, I thought they must be demi-gods of medicine with all they must have learnt, now I'm a second year and I definitely don't feel godly at all! Hopefully I'll feel a little bit more like that before they let me loose on patients.

Next year should be so much fun, what with my house and my 12 new children (see older posts if that's confusing) it could even be better than this first year, which has been brilliant by any measure. Roll on yet more medicine and drinking!

Anyway, on a related note, here's a great Amateur Transplants song for the occasion -

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