Friday, 4 June 2010

Exams are over!!

Pretty much summed up in the title really, my very last one was yesterday, freedom at last!

The semester test went pretty well I thought, it went better than my Semester 1 test and I got a decent mark in that so things are looking good, not to jinx it I hope.

We didn't actually have the exam until 2pm which is probably for the best seeing as after the exams in January which were earlier the fact we started drinking straight after meant that by about 6 we were pretty gone and the night never really happened because we were all paralysed. This time though we timed it to perfection :)

Even the weather loved us because when we went for the post-exam BBQ (brilliant idea btw whoever thought that up!) it was absolutely roasting and nothing beats sitting next to a lake with a burger and a beer in the sun! Then we went down to Woolton Bar for a bit more pre-drinking with some mint vodka before heading off to Sankeys.

After the disaster of my last visit to Sankeys (Involving being inside around 5 minutes before being asked very nicely to leave aha) this was a great success. Although I did spend an extortionate amount of money in there, but that's allowed for such a great occasion. I'm sure about half the people in there were medics who'd just finished exams, every time I lost someone another person would magically appear. And I'm not sure what was in those buckets but they did serious damage to my liver!

All in all, great day, and now I can look forward to my house next year and my very own 12 children to take out on curry night and PJ pub crawls, excellent times!

P.s. I remember some Pbl 19er's telling me they wanted mentioning on here so hello to Becky, Zara, Will, Anna, Rach, Cad, Dave, Gej, Debbie, Wei and Ibrahim. (In no particular order :) ) And thanks for the picatures Debs.

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