Friday, 11 June 2010

World Cup Season

Sorry for neglecting you for a while blog, I've now left Manchester and am back in Blackpool, haven't really had much time or stuff to write about. But that's about to change, its World Cup time! And after Blackpool getting promoted, surely its time for the perfect year with England winning it?

I like to be optimistic, we genuinely have a good shot at it this year. I know its fashionable in football circles to laugh at people who genuinely believe we can win and scoff 'Ha, yeah, like we'd ever beat Spain'. Well, clearly they have the better side, but this is cup football, it isn't as simple as all that. Its actually not all that common for the favourites to win it and England certainly have more of a shout than before after a great qualifying campaign.

I was pleasantly surprised by the first match today, South Africa were a lot better than I'd imagined in the second half and the first goal was a fitting start to the tournament, absolute beaut it was. But then Mexico spoilt the party after some pretty shoddy defending, all in all though I'd think South Africa would be content with a point on the opening day.

The France match was abysmal, I don't think either of them really deserved the three points so in that sense it was a good result. France really missed a trick though, against ten men for the last 10 minutes they really should have put on a lot more pressure than they did and half the players seemed disinterested. Other than the near fight that is, before Domenech remembered they were French and promptly ran on and surrendered.

Can't wait for tomorrow, hopefully we'll give those Yanks a dicking and show them that calling the beautiful game 'Soccer' just isn't acceptable.

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