Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Doctor Who, seriously?

There's far too many serious posts around here, I've decided, so here's one about something I've recently decided is brilliant. Doctor Who. Yeah, the Chris of 2 months ago would be disgusted too but then after watching one episode I was officially hooked and much to my disgrace have now watched all the modern Doctor Who's.

I don't know why I think it's so good, its not exactly realistic, it hurts your head if you try and think about it too much, and its not exactly the pinnacle of special effects. I think its just because its so unashamedly fun to watch, a man running around with a screwdriver fighting aliens and saving the planet in his little blue space ship, simple but fun. The only problem is that in some episodes I end up hating humans because some of the things they do are so stupid in the programme, obviously that isn't too handy a quality to have in normal life.

And then there's the all important question, who's my favourite Doctor? Well, I liked Chris Eccleston when I first watched it, but he's nowhere near the other two so I'll discount him first. Between David Tennant and Matt Smith it's a lot closer, I think at the moment Tennant would win it but Smith might edge ahead if the finale of this season is good and he gets a few more quality episodes. The finale's are always the best and he hasn't been in one yet so I think its a bit unfair. Plus, David Tennant was just brilliant, so he should be happy to be still in the contest.

Like I said, Chris of 2 months ago would hate me, sorry.

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