Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Thank God For That

Well that's relieving, England are through to the last 16, we sneaked through but that's all behind us now, knockout football is a whole new game.

I hope we've seen the start of a new page in this World Cup campaign for England, maybe the do-or-die feeling ramped them up for the game, that would bode well for the pressure of the next few games. I still thought England would make it out of the group, but there was a healthy smattering of doubt, if we'd have turned up like we did against Algeria then we'd almost certainly have crashed out today.

Gerrard on the left worked much better than it had before, and I think that's more to do with us keeping possession much better than we had, allowing him to take it into feet rather than be chasing balls all the time. Wayne Rooney probably should have scored, but regardless he was a lot better, his touch which was like baboon's against Algeria was much better.

Unfortunately those stupid Yanks beat us to top spot on Goals Scored, despite the fact they insist on calling our beautiful game 'Soccer', idiots.That means a tougher run, but play to our best and we should make it through to the quarter. From there on in its too tight to call, but you just never know. Especially after the crazy results we've had so far in this World Cup.

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