Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A Nice Dollop of Satire

You can't beat a nice bit of satire for comedy, especially if you really dislike the people its being aimed at. So, with that in mind, I was really happy that this article thinks that the return of the Tory's in the coalition will lead to an explosion in satire. (It still works if even if you like the people though, as this proved to me)

It got me looking round a few different things and I came across some gems. Obviously, a lot of its on TV but you can find some great things online, and this site is really good for it. There's a lot of satire, but other general funny stories. Here's a couple of my favourites and a bit of a teaser for each:

  • Nick Clegg to be given a toy steering wheel to play with during PMQ's.
"Mr Clegg is understood to be absolutely delighted with his new wheel, which he can use to turn left and turn right in accordance with prevailing government policy. ‘It gives me a real sense of power,’ said an excited Mr Clegg ‘and it even has a little horn which I can honk, but only if Dave says it is safe to do so.’"
  • England football team enters into historic coalition with Germany.
"The deal has already received the full support of the rest of the Liberal Democrats in the Cabinet: ‘This represents a fantastic opportunity for England,’ he said, ‘admittedly, none of our players will be allowed to touch the ball or play any part in the match, but standing on the sidelines and jumping up and down is what coalition is all about.’
However, the deal has received a mixed reception from the England squad. ‘It makes little difference to me,’ said Wayne Rooney, ‘I mostly stand around doing nothing anyway.’"
You should definitely check it out some time, if that's your kid of thing.
And as a leaving present, here's another story from a different site. Regulars will know my dislike for alternative medicine (otherwise known as complete bullshit) and so you'll understand why I like this. (For those who don't know what homeopathy is, have a look before the story and it'll make a lot more sense.)
"Following a recommendation by the British Medical Council to scrap funding for Homeopathy on the NHS, homeopaths have claimed that such a dilution of their funding will only serve to make them stronger."
“The important factor is that we potentise our accounts by shaking them in exactly the correct manner, ensuring that the memory of the previous funding is transferred to our now empty bank accounts.”

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