Monday, 7 June 2010

Ikea Fun

Today was an exciting day, it was Ikea shopping time for our house next year, clearly the best part of moving is buying stuff to go in it! It was doubly exciting because I'd never been to Ikea before, what with my Blackpool childhood, so it was a whole new fun world.

Our house is pretty kitted out as it is so all we needed was the smaller stuff like cutlery and plates etc. but you can still look around everything else. We tended just to buy any item which was especially colourful, our knife set is a particular gem. Our house is going to look like its owned by a clown, just the way it should be!

Without doubt the single best buy of the day was my idea, and I'm very proud of it. Cast your mind back to your childhood, did anyone used to have a kind of large mat which had a picture of a cartoon town on it with roads that you could drive toy cars on? Because that's what we got :) Its like the one in the picture but I think ours is better and doesn't come with the complimentary smiling child.  I have no idea what its going to be for or where it will go but it just had to be bought. Brilliant times.

Back to the seaside tomorrow, should be good to see everyone back home, I'll miss Manchester too though. Maybe I'll appreciate our beach more now that I've experienced life without being close to the sea as well.

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