Monday, 31 May 2010

Freedom Flotilla

I'm not the most knowledgeable on the whole middle east dispute, and for that reason I tend to steer clear of putting in my opinions when they could be so dramatically wide of the mark. But today I'm making an exception because I think the Israeli attack on the flotilla carrying aid to Gaza strip was disgusting, disproportionate and deserves a lot more condemnation than they're being given at the moment.

To block some aid from getting through in the first place is wrong, and that's something the UN agree's with, its all well and good saying emergency supplies like medicines are allowed through but without the other items such as fuel how are the hospitals supposed to run? And now they have actively attacked, and that is the only word to describe it, a humanitarian ship in international waters. That takes the whole thing to a new level.

The idea that Israel is now claiming the ships were intent on violence and that the passengers were putting up resistance is ludicrous. There was only token resistance and I think that that was to be expected when they illegally boarded the ship! To go on with live ammunition to a ship carrying aid can't be defended, people died and no amount of claiming 'we tried to avoid any deaths' will change that fact. If they were so determined to stop the cargo then there were other ways for them to make sure the ship wasn't being used for violence, boarding in international waters is piracy, pure and simple.

If this were another nation, say Iran, boarding humanitarian ships then there would be international outrage on a massive scale. When it's Israel, all we get is calls for an investigation. I wish more leaders would have the spine to stand up and categorically say this is wrong.

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