Thursday, 6 May 2010

101 Things To Do.

I'm going to save my super politics spectacular for tomorrow when the results are out and there'll be something of interest to say about it. I think it's plain to see where my loyalties lie though :) (If in any doubt see poster thatta way > and all previous posts)

I decided to write a list of stuff I want to get done before I turn 40, I'd already come up with a few ideas that me and a couple of people wanted to do but I saw someone else's list and decided to do a proper one with nice pictures. So here's the final product - My Bucket List.

It pretty much speaks for itself so there isn't much else to write, I really want to get all of those done. I've tried to make sure they're all possible so that I don't have any excuses. Everest was going to go on but I figured that was just past the realms of reality if I wanted to have a good career and all the other things on that list as well. Climbing Everest would take a bit too much dedication for me. The rest are still pretty tricky though, there's no easy passes so it should be fun :)

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