Wednesday, 12 May 2010

"We're going to Wembley, you're going to Burnley!"

Well, the dream lives on, in fact dream doesn't quite describe it. Chelsea fans will tell you they 'dreamed' of winning the league, Spurs 'dreamed' of playing in the champions league, Forest 'dreamed' of getting back into the Premier League. Their dreams aren't quite of the same level as this, they were all half expected and possible, Blackpool being in the play-off final just wasn't even possible at the start of the season.

You can see how well we're doing by the fact that I, as a long-term season ticket holder, was accused of being a glory supporter. Its not so much the stupidity of the idea I'm a glory supporter that was strange, but the idea that any Blackpool supporter was a 'glory' seeker. It was only back in 2001 that we were in the fourth tier and I was still making my way down to Bloomfield Road.

I can't actually explain how amazing the atmosphere was down at the City Ground last night, I would have rather been there than any other place in the world. I had hope before the match, I believed it might happen, but I certainly wasn't expecting it. When the first Forest goal went in that bit of hope really dwindled and despite playing very well in the first half we went in behind. And then came the half to end all halves. First we equalised, which you can imagine was pure ecstasy. Then they equalised which had equal despair. Just when you thought nothing more could surprise you Blackpool scored, and then scored again, and then again. At that point it was just party time and euphoria took over.

You have to remember just how amazing an achievement this is. No-one has won at the City Ground since we did back in September, no-one has even scored there in a good while. Our record signing was Charlie Adam for £500,000, a fee that most in the play-off's look at as a bargain but which was a massive risk for us. Our budget is tiny and we have a maximum capacity stadium of 12,000 compared to around 30,000 at Forest. We're about as underdog as you can get, and yet we're 90 minutes away from getting into the best league in the world. Amazing doesn't even nearly cover it.

The fairytale continues, now we just need a fairytale ending.

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