Sunday, 2 May 2010

We are Blackpool, we are Blackpool, we are football kings!!

Wow. That was amazing, but scary as hell at the time. The Blackpool match today varied between cheering wildly, having my head in my hands and any time left over checking the Swansea score praying that they hadn't got a goal. It was all worth it though, the play-offs for the Premiership await, how the hell have Blackpool managed to pull this one off?

We finally got a full house for the match, 12,000 might not be much by normal championship standards but its an epic attendance for Blackpool and at the start with all the cards held up the stadium was pure tangerine.

But after the initial excitement the rest of the match was painfully tense, especially seeing as on the day the result might have been enough but we played pretty poorly. Not that I cared the slightest at the end, getting into sixth place was all that mattered. A huge cheer went round the stadium right near the end, everyone assumed it meant that Swansea had lost or drawn and joined in. I realised later that they hadn't actually finished, so we were lucky that they didn't get a last minute winner or we'd have been royally screwed. There was some frantic checking of phones I can tell you that!

It's been a weird season, Blackpool have been doing brilliantly for the most part, yet it was the first season in 5 where I didn't have a season ticket with being away at uni. Whenever I did go to watch we invariably lost, which almost resulted in my permanent banning from all games. Then we went on a horrible run around January which looked to finish our season but somehow recently its all come back together. My jinx lifted and we managed to sneak into 6th with one game to go.

This means another trip home next week to watch us against Forest, and then up to Nottingham on the Wednesday. All going to plan, Wembley here we come!! :)

P.s. In other football news, the perfect day continued, Chelsea won at Anfield which should hopefully keep the United scum away from the League title, and Preston lost 4-1, which was just a nice cherry on top for the whole day really.

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