Sunday, 9 May 2010

Wisdom from God

I know I said I was busy but I wanted to leave this for people to read. It's Stephen Fry's blog (wisdom from the hero himself) about proportional representation but he manages to make it about a million times more interesting than anyone else could. Give it a read, its really good stuff.

Here's a sample for you:

"Cameron will spring an obvious trap by saying, “We’ll see. We’ll look into it. You can have concessions on schools and hospitals.” Children who want an ice cream know that when their parents say “We’ll see, but you can have a banana” it means no ice cream. The Lib Dem and PR pressure groups are perfectly aware of that too. Any talk of “an independent enquiry … a Royal Commission … a committee to look into it” will be treated for what it is. Fudge."


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