Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Exam Madness

I've missed a couple of posts, but that's because I'm now well and truly into exam time, I had one yesterday and I've got another tomorrow, but my inability to concentrate means I have time today to write this.

My Osce yesterday went pretty well, which was a pleasant surprise after how nervy it got before going in, I swear Manchester have designed the day to build suspense. You get taken through to several rooms where all you can do is sit down and wait before having your quick-fire 5 minutes on each station. Oh, and remember what I said in my post about the mock about how I splashed the angry examiner with a wet lung? Well, luckily enough I had him again at my first station, happy days indeed. (/Endsarcasm)

It wasn't too bad this time round though, I managed to find all the heart sounds and even managed to find the apex beat which was handy because its the first time I've ever felt it that strongly in all my time of practising. I even decided to invent a new bone, for some reason I decided 7 cervical vertebrae weren't enough so added an eighth when I was counting down his spine, 1 mark down is a good result though so I shouldn't moan.

Other than that, the only things I know I'll lose a mark for is one for now finding the Dorsalis Pedis pulse on the examiners foot and I don't think my rescue breaths were great on CPR which is annoying because I can usually do that fine. But a good result all in all, hope I can get through the anatomy one on Thursday now.

In other news, the Queen's speech was yesterday, I'm not going to go into the different bills announced, that can wait. But I kind of like the whole big ceremony of the day. Especially the old traditions they still have like the fact that the palace kidnap's an MP to make sure the Queen is returned from the House of Commons, brilliant stuff.

I also liked the fact that the Lib Dem's are still trying to get the money allocated for opposition parties, you can't have it both ways Cleggy Weggy!

Anyhow, time to go, wish me luck :)

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