Wednesday, 12 May 2010

ConDem Nation

Well it's official, the UK has a new PM and its first coalition since the war, the first between the Tory's and the Lib Dem's ever. I almost predicted it right, I thought Brown would resign but I didn't think that the Liberals could honestly make a full coalition with the conservatives, in fairness I don't think anyone did. It looks like the lure of power was just too much for Nick Clegg and his team and they knew this would be their shot to have a seat in cabinet. I'm not sure whether to be glad it's a coalition or upset that the Tory's don't have to struggle through a minority government.

The positive of this is that at least we don't get untempered Tory rule like we did in the '80s and which would cripple the country, hopefully the Dem's can keep them in check when they try to do anything too insane like pull us further out of Europe or pull the rug out from under the economy. I just have to hope that they're strong enough to stand up to Cameron on these things.

On the other hand, Cameron now has a get-out clause in that he can look like a great reformer by piggy-backing Liberal plans and if they fail can just say it wasn't his idea in the first place. And then there's the fact that while it might be a coalition, the cabinet has an eerie look to it. Let's just see what it looks like:

  • PM: David Cameron - That was a given but it still doesn't change the fact that when other country's look to us all they'll see is his his smarmy, shiny face. I'd hate to think he was representative of modern Britain.
  • Deputy PM: Nick Clegg - A high position for Clegg, but will he really be able to control the whim of Cameron or influence any other departments that aren't under his control?
  • Chancellor: George Osborne - Need I say more? This man has been so wrong on the decisions needed over the last couple of years that it's actually a pleasant surprise when he gets something right. He has no real experience and the idea that our fragile economy will be in his hands is terrifying.
  • Home Secretary: Theresa May - She's also equalities spokesperson, which is odd considering she's voted against over 100 equality measures in her time in office. Maybe Cameron just needed his token woman in power.
  • Foreign Secretary: William Hague - The staunchly anti-European Hague is going to be our spokesman abroad, oh yippee. Britain can only be strong as major player in Europe, we can punch above our weight when we're in it. We should be pulling the strings along with France and Germany, not stupidly sticking to our little island mentality. This man will ruin our relationships in Europe.
  • Schools: Michael Gove - An advocate of free schools, opening up schools to the forces of the market by letting just about anyone set one up. Because the market's been great in the recent past hasn't it? Even the first adopters of this, Sweden, have since turned against it because it only ups standards in a minority of schools and everyone else suffers. A truly stupid idea.
  • Health: Andrew Lansley - Wants to put performance data online and I've heard in the past that he supports putting outcomes for individual doctors in the hands of the public. Does this man have any clue whatsoever? If doctors are having there outcomes published it doesn't mean they will up their game, it means they won't take on risky procedure's and patients will suffer. They do this in America and we all know how great their health care system is don't we? (To be taken with copious amounts of sarcasm.)
Fill you with hope for the future? It certainly doesn't fill me with anything but despair. Maybe now people will see what I've been harping on about, you didn't just vote for the shiny PR machine that is David Cameron, you voted for all the incompetents on this list.

As for Labour, they can now get cracking on the leadership campaign and provide a strong opposition ready to jump back into power at the first time of asking. My hope at the moment is that David Miliband is the next leader, he's a strong speaker with a great track record who holds his beliefs very firmly. He's got good backing in the party and I think he'd be able to handle the pressure of leading in opposition and putting together a strong general election bid. I'm open to other candidates though, Andy Burnham is an outsider but I really think he'd be a great future leader, and Ed Balls will want a crack at the leadership as well. Then there's the question of whether Ed Miliband will challenge his brother, he's another approachable politician which could play well with voters. For the time being, my backing is firmly behind Miliband though (Of the David variety :) ).

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Internal Optimist said...

Vince Cable really should be in charge of the economy, if nothing else. It annoys me that a LibDem vote has gone to get the Tories in power...