Sunday, 30 May 2010

Ultimate CCTV

I found this today, it looks insanely clever, to the point it's scary to think what can be done these days. In effect its an automated CCTV system that, without any human control, can pick out unusual behaviour and zoom in and follow it. What's more, where humans can see in 3 wavelengths, it can see in 10, so it can see things which would otherwise be invisible to the human eye. Told you it was clever.

It can spot the difference between the same colour made by nature and human-hand, it can see how far away objects are and other cameras from the company can take pictures of slices in space, practically seeing through walls.

Apparently its intended to be used for counter-insurgency, so if there's a meeting in a deserted area late at night, the camera will pick up on it and be able to follow them, even in the darkness. For all intents and purposes, it may as well have a brain, it sees the norm, and watches anything different from it. That's the slightly scary bit, imagine a dictator or oppressive government somewhere in the world getting hold of that kind of technology. The Stasi would look like amateurs, it would be more like the Thought Police from 1984. But that's not to say they shouldn't make it, just that we should be careful.

Oh, and as if science hadn't given enough to the military with this little gem, they've now made a paint for vehicles which will soak up chemicals and then decontaminate itself, to save those in and around the vehicle in the event of chemical warfare. How nice to see that both of these are coming from the DSTL as well, a UK based company, and that rather than carrying on designing weapons to kill in more efficient ways we've actually got technology to save lives being designed for the military.

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