Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Virtual Me

So, I've have returned to Manchester after an elongated stay home because of the fun of Sunday. While I was back something occurred to me, I'm more reliant on technology than I realised. I decided to leave my laptop at uni while I went home and also foolishly decided to leave my phone charger as I thought it would have enough charge left to do me until I got back. So for the past two days without a computer, phone or iPod (which made the train journey about 5 times longer) I've appreciated how much I need these things.
Don't get me wrong, I haven't been going mad without them, but after two days I was already wondering how many things I'd have missed. Without them I couldn't:

  • Wake up in the morning. (My phone is my alarm)
  • Organise meeting people without difficulty.
  • Reply to various invites.
  • Check the football scores. (A massive problem!)
  • Check when I was supposed to be in university.
  • Return calls, meaning I must have seemed pretty ignorant.
  • Pass the time on boring journeys.
I've only had this damn laptop a few months and already its an important thing in my life which is inconvenient not to have around. And before you judge me for my reliance on technology, think about it, you're on a computer of some description where you spend enough time to bother reading my blog (not that I'm complaining!) and you probably have your phone within arm's reach.

Basically, we'd all be fucked on a desert island.

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