Monday, 10 May 2010

Wet Lung

Well I had my mock OSCE today, turns out it was just that, a mock. I think I got a bit overly worried about it, I wasn't terrified but I'd at least done some cramming yesterday which it turns out I really needn't have done. It did at least make it a bit easier to know what would happen in the real thing.

Basically, for those who don't know, our OSCE's our the more practical exams we have to do. So there's an anatomy part where we have to point out and name things on pro-sections, there's a skills part where we demonstrate the procedure's we've learnt so far, and there's a communications part where we have to talk to an actor who pretends to be a patient and get certain information from them.

Today's was the anatomy part and wasn't really that bad in the end. The only thing that made it a bit more stressful was the fact that the examiner I had wasn't the friendliest of chaps, I won't put his name on-line but we gave him a nickname last semester of 'Angry Man' which should tell you all you need to know. So I got to my station and before I'd even had time to put my gloves on he was firing questions at me resulting in me fumbling my gloves on whilst trying to think about the answers. Then I picked up the lung to point something out that I'd been asked, only to realise it was wet from the preservative spray and managed to splash some of that onto his legs. Always a great way to start.

It went okay, I'd hope to do quite a bit better in the real thing because my cramming yesterday was mostly on the limbs which wasn't even on my station (bloody typical) but I think I'm more confident about the real thing now than I was beforehand.

Two lessons: Put gloves on before I go in, Don't pick anything up until I look to see if its wet.

Anyway, back off to the library soon, oh the joy.

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